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laurajeanlaurajean laurajeanlaurajean.com / Canada

I am an arts and crafts kind of gal. I received my BFA from York University in 2003 and have been exhibiting my prints, woodwork, paintings and fabric animals since graduation. I am constantly acquiring new obsessions, most recently: typesetting, antique children’s toys, vegetable gardens, hand-made books and the relationships between tamed and wild animals.

  • Circus Elephant
  • Circus pony
  • This Girl
  • The Pink House
  • Little Chickadee
  • Circus Giraffe
  • Bluebird
  • Canary
  • Love Cat
  • This Dog Is Wearing a Bunny Costume
  • Woodland Bunny
  • Woodland Chipmunk
  • Woodland Fox
  • Unicorn